#NaturalHair Labor Day SALES

Hydratherma Naturals Giveaway

Hey, Beauties! Happy Labor Day!!! Today is Wash Day for me. During the "process" (smh) every time I check Instagram I keep seeing all of these amazing Labor Day sales pop up on my timeline so I wanted to share a quick post in hopes that you ladies can take advantage of these awesome Labor Day sales! … [Read more...]

BLOG CHALLENGE || Week 11: Comment

BLM Blog Challenge

I can't believe our BLM Blog Challenge is almost over! I've really enjoyed sharing tips and tricks with you all. This week we're commenting! We all love when people leave comments on our blog. Well, one way to build your blogger community is to comment on other blogs. The bloggers will love it and … [Read more...]

BLM Blog Challenge | Week 10: Join Forums

BLM Blog Challenge

Welcome back for Month 3 of the BLM Blog Challenge! I can't believe it almost over. This month is all about building your online community and networking with others (not just bloggers). Some bloggers call their community - the people who support them, comment, read, share, etc. - their tribe. Let's … [Read more...]