My name is Monèt (yes, I’m named after the French Impressionist Claude Monèt lol). I live in NY and I’ve been natural since November 2009.

My inspiration comes from my grandmother. She and I have a bond like none other.

I love people. And, I especially love having the privilege of social networks to connect with my readers, viewers, companies, other naturals and all positive people in general. My main goal is to educate others so that they don’t make the same mistakes I did during my 14 month transition from relaxed hair to natural hair. My main goal in life is to enjoy every moment and live life to the fullest. My favorite quote is “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

The Hair

I decided to stop relaxing my hair after watching the movie Good Hair as an experiment and here I am years later still “experimenting”.

Transition: 11/2009 – 01/2011.

The Blog

I created curlsandmo.com in June 2012 to chronicle my natural hair journey, fabulous hair events I attend in NYC, my beauty loves and to inspire other women. A lot of people told me NOT to because the “market was over-saturated”. I ignored them because regardless of how many natural hair and beauty bloggers there are, there’s only one me. No one can say it or do it like I will.

The Vlog

The Curls and Mo YouTube Channel was created so I can share the products and things I love and events I attend through demonstrations, reviews and recaps.


I organize and host monthly NYC Meetups. Join the group here and check out pictures on Facebook here.


Longing4Length.com | October 2010 – Present

SunshinesNaturalandLovingIt.com | February 2013 – Present

KinkyCurlyCoilyMe.com | February 2013 – Present

Hair and Beauty Questions? ask.fm/curlsandmo

Business Inquiries? Email me at curlsandmo@gmail.com


www.curlsandmo.com 2012 Highlights

Updated July 2013


  1. Aretha says

    SO happy for you and all your accomplishments, Mo! You are such a genuine spirit and are truly inspirational in more ways than one. You’re a recipe for success, dawlin’! Never stop. Love always- ‘Re

    • curlsandmo says

      I did already and I subbed on YT!!! I love it all. Hey, girl, hey. And, no it’s not weird…until you do it. LOL.

    • curlsandmo says

      Awesome! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I look forward to sharing more tips on future #BeautyOnSM “episodes”.

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