BLM Blog Challenge | Week 10: Join Forums

BLM Blog Challenge

Welcome back for Month 3 of the BLM Blog Challenge! I can’t believe it almost over. This month is all about building your online community and networking with others (not just bloggers). Some bloggers call their community – the people who support them, comment, read, share, etc. – their tribe. Let’s build our tribe! Here’s Challenge 1.

Task: Join forums and online communities that are not blog-related but are related to your niche. The goal is to increase your reach and exposure by connecting with people outside of your present network in an unconventional way.​

There are forums for just about every topic nowadays on numerous websites. Join these forums to connect with other potential readers and blogger friends. If someone posts a question you’re knowledgeable about, answer them and if you have a relevant blog post, include it in your answer. However, if you don’t genuinely engage and only stop by to post your newest blog post, it will be hard to earn the community’s trust and/or make them notice you.

If you’re new to the Challenge, here is where you can find links to ALL of the past Weekly Challenges.

What did you do this week to build your tribe?


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