BLOG CHALLENGE || Week 1: Design Time

Blog Challenge M1 W1

Welcome to Week 1 of the BLM Blog Challenge. The Theme for this month is “Make it Beautiful”. If you haven’t signed up, it’s completely FREE to do so. Click here and join me for some fun, easy ways to make your blog even better!

Task: Research different themes available on your blog platform and color schemes that you like for your blog. The goal is to choose colors that compliment each other and a theme that is easy to use and update (if you are a beginner).

Choosing a layout that is easy to read and navigate is best. The more straightforward your design is the easier it will be for readers to find what they’re looking for and enjoy their time on your blog. If your design is too busy or hard to use, that might make readers less likely to visit your blog. Choose colors that are simple and clean. Neutrals are best with one accent color that pops.

Do you have questions about your current layout or color scheme? What theme do you use? Why? How did you choose your color scheme? Please share below! Don’t forget to join us here so you get weekly Blog Challenge updates! 


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  1. says

    I just changed my blog template again a few weeks ago. I chose a really simple Blogger template that I found on Etsy. It came with social media buttons, and I made my own header. I just wanted something that was easy to see and navigate. Actually, our templates are very similar LOL!

    I don’t switch my colors up often, all I do is change my link colors. I chose a purple/pink color because it’s bold and stands out from everything else but isn’t obnoxious.

    I think that my layout is straightforward, I just hope that there isn’t too much that readers get confused.

    Thanks for starting this series! :)

    • curlsandmo says

      I LOVE your layout. It’s clean and very easy to navigate. I also love that your content is the focal point. It’s sometimes hard to find that balance.

  2. says

    I’ve been using the BluChic themes for a couple years now. Whenever a new blogger asks me for help I send them right to BluChic 1) because the themes are pretty 2) they are easy to customize with the documentation BluChic provides 3) the customer support is the I use Chamomile, but have also purchased Jacqueline. I am now an affiliate after using and loving their themes for two years. There’s a link to BluChic on my blog if you are interested and of course feel free to email me if you have questions about the customizations I’ve done. I am more than happy to share.
    C.D. Beatrice Clay recently posted…Gratitude Daily 138 – Inspiration EverywhereMy Profile

    • curlsandmo says

      I remember you mentioning BluChic to me before. I’ll definitely have to check them out when I’m ready for a switch.

  3. says

    I am just starting the challenge, But I am doing it. I changed my blog from to .com in January. I would love your thoughts. This week I need to go back and upload some pictures. I deleted my old blog since then I learned all of my old pictures did not move to my new blog. I will work on adding the pictures this week.

    • curlsandmo says

      Welcome! Congrats on making the move. is such a wonderful platform. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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