BLOG CHALLENGE || Week 11: Comment

BLM Blog Challenge

I can’t believe our BLM Blog Challenge is almost over! I’ve really enjoyed sharing tips and tricks with you all. This week we’re commenting! We all love when people leave comments on our blog. Well, one way to build your blogger community is to comment on other blogs. The bloggers will love it and the readers might just check you out if they see you as a credible, useful source.

Task: ​Join the conversation by commenting on other blogs in your niche. The goal is to share your expertise on a particular subject or ask questions to ultimately form genuine relationships with that blogger and/or their audience.​

Find a few blogs in your niche both popular and new and comment as often as you can on each (but no less than once per week). A well-known blog already has a large following. When you comment you will gain exposure to many people (especially if the topic is controversial). This is your opportunity to engage with others. Reply to someone else’s comment. Answer questions. When you comment on a newer blog, it’s likely that  the blogger will be so happy to have someone to engage with they will seek you out for other opportunities and/or join your audience as well.


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