BLOG CHALLENGE || Week 12: Find a Blog Buddy

BLM Blog Challenge

​Who doesn’t like friends and positive people around? This week we’re discussing the importance of having a blogger friend, someone who can help you with other blogger-related things that your family and friends probably don’t understand unless they’re a blogger, too. (Y’all KNOW what I’m talking about. Lol.)

Task: Create a Blog Friendship. The goal is to work with another blogger who will push you to be a better blogger and vice versa.​

​You can ask each other questions, share opportunities and help each other.​ Find someone who is at the same place in their blogging journey as you. They can be in your niche or have a different one. Their area doesn’t matter because blogging is pretty much the same across the board: we all write, we all design, we all take pictures and we all have a personal life. Having a Blogger Friend in your niche is nice but sometimes can get competitive which takes the fun out of it. Finding someone in a different niche is cool because there’s no pressure to compare yourselves and you both can look out for opportunities for the other.

Do you have a Blogger Friend? If so, list their blog below so we can visit and check them out! If you’ve enjoyed the BLM Blog Challenge, please share what you’ve learned!


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