BLOG CHALLENGE || Week 13: Email a Reader

BLM Blog Challenge

Thank you so much for joining me for the past few months on the BLM Blog Challenge. I really enjoyed sharing with you all and learning from y’all, as well. This week we’re building our community by connecting directly with our most supportive readers and audience members.

Task: Connect with one of your most active readers. The goal is to make personal connections with your supporters and grow your audience authentically.​

​Check your ​blog dashboard and feedback for the most active reader/commenter. Chances are that person is subscribed to your blog. Email that person. Be friendly with them and get to know them – as much as you are comfortable with. It’s important to create personal relationships with people because the more “real” you are the more approachable and the more people want to help  and be your team because you’re relatable. These are the same people who are more likely to share your posts and pictures and tell others about you.

Please continue to connect with me on social media if you have any other questions or concerns even though about the Blog Challenge.


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