BLOG CHALLENGE || Week 4: First Time Reader

BLM Blog Challenge M1 W4Welcome to Week 4! How has the Blog Challenge been going so far? This week we’re getting some feedback from a first time reader! We all know our blogs like the back of our hands so for us, it might be hard to pinpoint specific strengths and weaknesses for our blog since it’s ours. Lol.

Task: Ask a friend or family member to read your site and see how easy (or hard) it is for them to navigate.  The goal is to improve your blog based on the feedback from a first-time user.

We know our blogs inside and out because either we designed them ourselves or we worked closely with a developer to make sure it includes everything we think is important from design to layout. However, seeing your blog through someone else’s eyes can help you pinpoint things that could be a little easier to locate, update or add. Provide some questions or things you want the person to look for beforehand.

What was one thing you learned from your first-time reader? Please share below. Don’t forget to sign up for FREE if you haven’t already so that you get weekly updates for each new task! Check out the Tasks you’ve missed here.

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