BLOG CHALLENGE || Week 5: Study Another Niche Blog


Welcome to Week 5 of the BLM Blog Challenge! I’ve been loving the feedback I’m getting from you ladies and I love how motivated everyone is. Let’s keep it up! We’re hitting up other blogs this week…

Task: Choose another blog you are very familiar with and study how it functions. The goal is to learn how to use a blog as a reader and not as a blogger.

Make a list of the things you like and don’t like about the site and make the necessary changes to your own blog.

No matter how amazing your blog is, at some point we all have had blog envy. Visit a blog or two in your niche that you know are especially popular. What is different about that blog? You might even take it a step further and ask the same person who critiqued your blog to critique the other blog. What differences are there? How can you make yours better?

How has the Blog Challenge been going for you so far? What changes have you made to your blog this week? Is there anything you’re struggling with? Please share them below. Want some great blog tips? Click the image below and check out the recap of my Twitter Chat this week.


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