BLOG CHALLENGE || Week 6: ​10 Post Ideas


​Welcome to Week 6 of the BLM Blog Challenge. Can you believe that we’re almost halfway through our blog challenge? I hope that you have been finding the tips helpful and easy to implement. I also hope it’s been quick for you. This month we’re going to focus on our content. I don’t know about you but sometimes I actually blog on-the-go so I need a topic quick! Then other times when I’m stuck and I have no idea what to write about. Today we’re planning ahead for the times when we’re in a hurry.

Task: Create a list of 10 blog post topics that you can ​​use anytime. The goal is to have a list of topics you can always write about if you’re in a time crunch or having writer’s block.

We all get Writer’s Block from time-to-time but there are ways you can combat it. One way is to create a list of 10 general topics related to your niche that you can always write about. For example, if you’re a Mommy Blogger, more than likely your child regularly hits milestones as they grow. Blog about them. This gives your readers a glimpse into your life and also gives you something to write about. If you’re a Beauty Blogger it’s likely that you’re always trying out new beauty products. An easy post is a product review. Tell your audience what you liked about the product, whether they should try it and if there are any recommendations for use that you have. Create a list of ideas that can help you the next time you’re stuck and keep them handy.

I hope you are enjoying this Challenge and the weekly tasks. Leave any feedback you have below about ANYTHING blog-related and questions so we can help each other.

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    Hi Mo, even though it was too late for me to join this blog challenge I am following it all and I enjoying it very much. I’m loving these tips and am implementing them on my blog. Looking forward to the rest of your posts!

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