Blog Challenge || Week 7: ​Reuse an Old Post

Blog Challenge Week 7

​Whether this is your first week of the BLM Blog Challenge or you’ve been on your BLM Blog Challenge Grind since week 1, welcome! You ladies have been so amazing during this Challenge and I’m really glad we’re doing it. This week we’re learning how to reuse and recycle old content and give it a fresh twist. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with new content. Especially if you’ve been blogging for a while. When this happens, share an update on an old product or share your new opinion on something old.

Task: Use an old post to create a new one. The goal is to ​​reuse content if you don’t have time to create fresh content or use the old post in an update for your audience.

We often forget about old posts but we shouldn’t. If you’ve reviewed a product and you’re still using it, update your readers. Let them know if you still use it, if you’ve moved it from your morning routine to your evening routine and why, etc. If you shared a recipe and you still make the same dish but have substituted an ingredient, share it. Likewise if you’re now living a healthier lifestyle and are only making healthy alternatives, share that. It’s great to incorporate old posts and info to save time and create more content.

What old post have you reused? Leave the link below to the old post and the new post! How has the Blog Challenge helped you so far?


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    I’ve only been blogging for about 6 months, but I updated an original post for a beauty haul when I purchased new items. I’m sure in weeks to come, I can use this tip in an updated regimen or “holy grail” list.

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