Blog Challenge || Week 8: ​Link To Old Posts

BLM Blog Challenge Week 8

​Hello! Last week for the Blog Challenge we discussed how to reuse an old post. This week we’re using old posts, too, but we’re doing it a little different. This week we’re going to link back to old posts from a new one. The plan is to find old, relevant content that our readers would find interesting today!

Task: Make your blog posts more interesting and “create” new content by including links to old blog posts. The goal is to get newer readers to read “old” content and get additional page views for old content.

One way to get views and increase traffic on old blog posts is to share them in a new post. We’re always getting new readers and it’s rare that someone reads old posts unless they are looking for something specific. Show new readers how fab and informative your old content is and encourage them to read old content, too, by using the “Search” feature to find information that might interest them.

Please add your new posts using old posts below so we can all check them out!


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    One way to incorporate this idea is to use Instagram. Pull some of your older Instagram pictures where you pulled images from your blog and create a collage. Below the collage you can simply add a short description and link back to the blog post. EASY PEASY!

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    Glad I was on the right track. Blog writing has brought me back to my first love: web development. Glad I’m already in the right track.

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