#NaturalHair Labor Day SALES

Natural Hair Labor Day Sales

Hey, Beauties! Happy Labor Day!!! Today is Wash Day for me. During the "process" (smh) every time I check Instagram I keep seeing all of these amazing Labor Day sales pop up on my timeline so I wanted to share a quick post in hopes that you ladies can take advantage of these awesome Labor Day sales! … [Read more...]

#MayMakeupNoBuy | Week 2


This May Makeup No Buy hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. I will admit that when I go to the drug store I have to fight the [strong] urge to go to the Makeup Aisle because that's what I ALWAYS do. Last week my focus was sun protection. I didn't wear much makeup but I always make sure my … [Read more...]

Fashion: Crossbody Crazy

Since the warm weather is finally here, I’ve been searching for cute spring and summer pieces to add to my wardrobe. The last time I was in Target I saw some really cute crossbody bags but since my basket was already 85% full of … [Read more...]

Want White Teeth for $1?

I recently watched a YouTube video on how to whiten teeth with something soooo obvious...PEROXIDE! There are so many toothpastes on the market with peroxide in them that it's a no-brainer.Peroxide is normally used to sterilize wounds but it is good for teeth whitening because the chemicals in it … [Read more...]

Birthday Freebies!

  One month ago today I celebrated my birthday. :-D I received some great discounts and freebies from several stores. Here's What I Got: Starbucks: Free Drink Coupon, any size, hot or cold. (Must be used within 5 days or your birthday.) How? Register any gift card and become a Gold Card … [Read more...]