Friday’s 5 Loves 1.31.14

curlsandmo-theyre real

Last weekend I went to ATL and it was amazing. I loved it because I was able to catch up on a lot of blog business that had been accumulating. While there I stayed in most of the time but when I got out, here's the things I was in love with. … [Read more...]

Event Alert: Pump Up Your 2014 Health Journey!


On February 8th Natural Partners in Crime is hosting Fros and Fitness in NYC. Guests will learn how to jump start their health and fitness goals. There will be interactive presentations and demonstrations, amazing sponsors and vendors in the natural hair community and wellness industry. They'll have … [Read more...]

NaBloPoMo 11.25.13: Shopping…My Weakness

Hey, dolls. This is the LAST week of National Blog Post Month and I am RELIEVED! It was not easy blogging every single day but it was great to have a goal. I only missed one day and I’m really proud of myself actually. I intend to finish this week off strong. I’ll even blog on Thanksgiving. J … [Read more...]