Review: essie no chips ahead

no chips ahead essie top coat

A few weeks ago I picked up the essie no chips ahead top coat from Marshall’s. I posted a picture on instagram and some of you dolls were curious about my experience and thoughts. If you know me then you know I love my LA COLORS $1 top coat…

I never saw the point in paying more for a “high-end” top coat. But, when I saw no chips ahead at Marshall’s for five bucks I knew I had to try it.

I was really excited to try no chips ahead because I love essie nail polish but hadn’t heard much about this top coat. The truth is…I don’t like it. I was surprised by how bad it was. For a top coat coat to be named NO chips ahead you would expect your nail polish wear to be a bit longer – than your normal top coat. Nope. After only 2 days I saw small chips along two nails. Below are my nails with no chips ahead.

opi im not really a waitress nail polish

I used the same steps I do every time I wear nail polish: I swipe my nails with alcohol or polish remover, apply a top coat, my color then my top coat. I was really surprised.

im not really a waitress opi nail polish

Not only did it chip but there was very little shine; it left my nails a bit dull. I actually hadn’t noticed until I used the same OPI nail polish (I’m Not Really A Waitress) with a different ONE DOLLAR top coat (picture above). In the picture above my nails look so bright!

opi vampsterdam nail polish

Just to make sure I was right I applied the same $1 top coat over OPI Vampsterdam (picture above) and it was the bomb! I couldn’t stop staring at the shine!

Have you tried essie no chips ahead? What’s your favorite top coat? Please share below!

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