My Etsy Shop is 1 Month Today! {+ Coupon}

Pretty Pink Planner Etsy ShopLast month I opened my Pretty Pink Planner etsy shop.  Today my baby turned 1 month old. I’m so excited about my etsy shop and I can’t believe it’s already been one month since I started. I’ve met a lot of really nice planner ladies and I’ve had a lot of fun making planner goodies.

I’m celebrating the Pretty Pink Planner etsy shop all weekend long by adding new planner goodies to the shop and sharing a special discount code to celebrate this amazing milestone! Use Coupon Code PrettyPinkPlannerONE for 15% off your purchase the entire weekend!

Pretty Pink Planner One Spot Grab Bag

I’ve got planners (below), dividers, grabs bags (above) and other items will be added soon. I also take special orders, so feel free to place a custom order or message me through my etsy shop.

Pretty Pink Planner Planners Agendas Journals

Here are some Valentine’s Day dividers I made.

Pretty Pink Planner Valentines Day Dividers

Thanks for looking. Please be sure to *like* the shop so that you can get updates every time I post new items. And, please share the shop with other planner nerds you know!

Thank you so much for your continued support. I love y’all!

Pretty Pink Planner Coupon

What planner are you using this year? What’s your favorite planner supply?


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