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Fri5LuvsI hope everyone is wrapping up a wonderful week (I sure am)! Tuesday I hosted Curlfriends Swap Party and it was so much fun! (Recap next week.) I was nervous – like I always am lol – but it was great. The ladies all said they enjoyed themselves and were so amazing.

Curls and Mo Curlfriends Swap PartyThis week I’m not posting about beauty products – I want to share my 5 top posts to date. Surprisingly they are not all about hair. Three of them are my three part series “Black Girls Workout, Too!” in which I shared my workout and health story. If you’re interested in new info or starting your health journey, definitely check it out (all links below).

Black Girls Workout, Too! {Part 3 of 3} – What Do I Eat??? []

Black Girls Workout, Too! {Part 1 of 3} – My Story

Review: Aunt Jackie’s Curls and Coils Curl La La

Black Girls Workout, Too! {Part 2 of 3} – Staying Motivated

Want Longer Hair? Join Me for the Fall Castor Oil Challenge!

This week I also posted “Wealth & Wellness: Mid-Year Check-In”. Earlier this year I had a Wealth & Wellness Week during which I shared the things I was doing to prepare for 2013. I just wanted to check-in with everyone to see where you all are. Click the link above!

Let me know if you have any questions about anything I’ve shared and PLEASE also leave your favorites this week in the Comments section. I love discovering new treats. {{Hugs}}

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