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Guess who’s bizack! ​Hey, dolls! I hope y​’a​ll are doing magnificent. Here are​ the new beauty and natural hair goodies I’ve been obsessed with​ lately​. I’ve also included a cool YouTuber I recently discovered ​and ​a beauty product that was WACK!​ Be sure to let me know in the comments ​what you’re loves are these days.L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil

Loreal ​Paris Age Perfect® Glow Renewal Facial Oil​ | I was recently sent some L’Oreal beauty products to try. Of course I received the usual lip and eye stuff. The product I was most excited to try though was the Age Perfect® Glow Renewal Facial Oil. I’ve been using it for ​a few weeks and even after the first I saw a DRAMATIC improvement in my ​skin. ​ I forgot to put it on last night and now I have a fresh blemish on my cheek. Smh. Look out for my review next week. This product is a game changer. Hands down.​

Camille Rose Naturals Aloe Whipped Butter GelCamille Rose Naturals Aloe Whipped Butter Gel​ | This cream is *cue the angels* “ahhhhh”. The first time I used this I wondered where it had been all my natural life. The definition: crazy! The hold: crazy! The shine: crazy! The compliments…you already know. I’ve also tried the deep intensive treatment. The review for both will be on my YouTube channel ​SOON! Make sure you’re subscribed here.​ I absolutely love this cream and am amazed by how well it has performed on my hair over the past few months.​

Update: Click HERE to see my quick review of the two CRN products I’m loving!

Planners!!!​ | I have become obsessed with planners and organization overall. I recently created a personalized planner for my friend, Ebony. ​​Click on the picture below to watch it!

ARC Discbound Planner

I just completed a 2015 Planathon for my new business selling Planners and Planner Accessories! I’ll be on etsy and I’ll announce it soon. For now, I’m just working on strategy and products to post since just about everything will be handmade with love by me. :-) If you’re interested, have suggestions or questions, please let me know!

Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream​​eos Ultra Moistirizing Shave Cream​ | During a recent weekend getaway I stopped at a Five Below and found the cutest little travel size eos shave creams. I had heard good things about it but I rarely believe the hype about products until I’ve tried it myself. I absolutely love this cream.​ It’s perfect for travel because it can be used wet or dry since it’s so rich, thick and creamy. I have it in Pomegranate Raspberry and it smells divine. There are two other scents and one for sensitive skin that’s unscented. After I finish the travel size I will definitely be purchasing the full size.

Stallion1920​ | I found Dominique a few weeks ago on YouTube ​doing a Dollar Tree haul. Why THOSE YouTube videos fascinate me, I’ll never know. Anyways from jump her “I don’t care” personality was refreshing for YouTube. Since subbing, I’ve watched tons of her makeup reviews and tutorials as well as her fitness videos. Being a former gym rat (bet y’all didn’t know that!) I could really appreciate the vlog she did where she said “ladies, it’s okay to pick up some heavier weights. you won’t get huge by putting down the 5s and picking up 10s.” I cried laughing. As the girl who “worked out with guys” I could really appreciate that. I wish her much success in her fitness and weight training endeavors. Be sure to check her out HERE. ​And, if you REALLY want to laugh you have to check out her Instagram. ​And, yes, I’m slightly girl crushing. But, that’s okay! Ha!​Too Faced Lash Injection MascaraFLOP: Too Faced Lash Injection | ​A few weeks ago ​I tried Too Faced Lash Injection​ mascara. I got it in my Too Faced “Be Merry & Bright” Set​ as a gift last Christmas. I was really bummed I had to chuck a TWENTY dollar tube of mascara but it was that bad. I might as well have not worn mascara at all and since my lashes struggle they need all the help they can get. Right now I​’m using Smashbox Full Exposure; it’s not my favorite but it’s aiiight. Lol.

What have you ladies been loving? What’s new?  Please share in the comments below.


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