Friday’s 5 Loves 1.17.14


HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know…I know. I’ve totally neglected Friday’s 5 Loves. I got so caught up in the Holidays, my NYC Holiday Trunk Show and my Vision Board Luncheon that this blog didn’t stand a chance. LOL. Then on top of that, my laptop died…yeah. There was a lot going on. But, we should be back to our regularly scheduled program which means Mani Mondays, something fun Wednesdays and Friday’s 5 Loves. Let’s get into it!

statement necklace

Statement Necklaces || I am finally catching on to the statement necklace craze! However,  some of the pieces I’ve seen are ridiculously expensive. ​So since I’m cheap I did what I always do when I want something, headed to ebay. I bought this beauty for $7.50 and I couldn’t be happier. I really like that it can be styled many different ways and dressed up or down. Ebay is a great place to find trendy pieces for less.​

merry cookie candleBath & Body Works Candle: Merry Cookie || This candle smells so delicious. My house always smells like I’m baking whenever I burn it. I picked up this small one during the Buy 3 Get 3 sale at B&BW a month or two ago (I also picked up Vanilla Bean Noel). I liked this one so much more that I picked up a large one when B&BW had their $8 candle sale.​

e.l.f. tinted moisturizere.l.f. Tinted Moisturizer || During a recent (unnecessary) Target visit I saw that elf had a tinted moisturizer. I tend to stay away from liquid foundation and tinted moisturizer in drug stores because I never know what color I need. Smh. I figured for $3 I couldn’t lose. I actually really like this. It’s easy to apply and stays on all day. I love that it has SPF, too.

Screenshot_2014-01-17-07-24-41-1Target Nail Polish Remover || I’m in love with glitter nail polish but I used to stay away because taking it off was a pain in the neck. When I discovered nail polish remover in a jar it changed my life. LOL. No, for real. I’ve had mine over a year and I simply refill it with pure acetone. Loveeees it.

Screenshot_2014-01-17-07-29-48-1L.A. Colors Base/Top Coat || I know errbody and they mama just loooves Seche Vite and I’m sure it’s great BUT so is this base/top coat and it’s only $1. I rarely use it as a base coat (only when I’m traveling and want to pack light) but it’s an excellent topper. I also hear the Seche Vite hardens halfway through the bottle and you have add special drops that are sold separately to loosen it. *side eye* No thanks.

What are you ladies loving this week? What new products have you tried so far this year? I’m on a Makeup No Buy for the rest of January but I would love to hear about some new products. Please share below!


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    Oh my goodness. How can you post a pic of a statement necklace, say it’s only $7.50 and then NOT post a link to the seller’s page. SERIOUSLY? Are you just trying to keep all the goodies for yourself, LOL? Stopping by from iGrind (smile).


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