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Since I’ve been on the move so much I haven’t done #Fri5Luvs in a while so today I’m going to share my ​March Favorites – a few of the products I have been using and loving this entire month.curlsandmo-nothingbut1

Nothing But Clarifying Shampoo || A while ago I was sent the entire line of Nothing But Hair Care. It sat in my stash for a while until I desperately needed a clarifying shampoo because I was all out of my favorite. I was pleasantly surprised! It doesn’t strip your hair but it definitely leaves your hair nice and clean. (Check out my review here. ​​)​ ​After having my hair straightened with the ​ Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability System I also used this to bring my curls back to life and they reverted instantly!


Peter Pilotto for Target || While I typically like the Target collaboration collections, the pieces are always a bit quirky and rarely anything I absolutely can’t live without. When I do get pieces, I always get them on clearance. (Check out my Neiman Marcus + Target Haul here.)​ Last Friday I was in Target and BLOOP the Peter Pilotto collection was, too, in the clearance section. I had no clue! All I know is I saw a tall, bald, white man holding a Peter Pilotto dress waiting at the checkout line – which is not that farfetched for NYC. Lol. As I headed over to ask where I could find them I realized it was Robert Verdi holding the dress. How funny is that?!?! He was very friendly and told me exactly where I could find them.​ Only in New York! I’ve gotten a few pieces so far and I’m glad I was able to get them for such a steal.

FlexiRodsTutorialFlexi Rods || In the past few weeks I’ve used flexi rods twice​ since going natural. When I was relaxed I used them all the time. ​I’m so happy I rediscovered​them. I used them in my last post (check out the tutorial here) when my hair was straight and I used them a few weeks ago at the end of flat twists. I loved both results.

Cetaphil-DailyMoisturizerCetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 || ​My favorite SPF facial moisturizer is AMBI but I also like Aveeno (check out my review on both here). Recently I used Cetaphil and I liked how light it was. I’ll definitely be getting more of this for the summer months.


benefit They’re Real Mascara || I FINALLY see what all of the hype is about! I’ve been usi​​ng They’re Real ​​for the past few weeks it is definitely one of my March Favorites. I can see a major difference in my lashes when I use it – both upper and lower. One thing I especially love is the tiny bristles at the end of the wand for your lower lashes. I NEVER used to apply mascara to my lower lashes because I would always get it on my upper cheeks but this mascara makes it so easy. I love it.​

What are your favorites for March? Have you found any new beauty items you love? Please share below!


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