Fro Fashion Week: Key’s Hair Tips & HUGE GIVEAWAY!

CurlsUnleashed-KeyGloverOne of the perks of being a FFW Bootcamp Blogger was having access to trained and educated hair stylists and professionals.

On Friday I was able to chat with Key Glover who is a Hairstylist, Educator and owner of Key Essentials Hair Salon in Georgia. At Curls Unleashed Key is the Platform Stylist and Product Educator. Key has been licensed to do hair for 10 years but has been doing it for 20. While styling some of the bloggers at the FFW Curls Unleashed table at FFW (see her and Jonna of NaturallyGlam above) she shared some really good natural hair tips that I thought you Curlistas might benefit from.

•    Black women have three layers in each hair strand: the cuticle, cortex and medulla. However, if you have naturally blonde hair, you won’t have a medulla. I didn’t know this.

•    Shampoo your hair.

•    Invest in a steamer and steam your hair with [deep] conditioner.

•    To get the most effective steaming you must wash your hair so that the steam and product can penetrate the hair shaft.

•    Clip your ends every 6-8 weeks.

•    Don’t mix products. Product lines are usually created to work together.

•    If there’s a product you like, you can use it but also “cocktail it” by using other [natural] products with it.

Key shared some other tips but these were the ones that either I’ve heard differing information about or simply didn’t know. Are there any tips here that you didn’t know? Which one(s)? Follow Key on Twitter @KeyEssentials and Facebook.

curlsandmo-curlsunleashedGiveaway: Not only did Curls Unleashed provide us with Key who was a wonderful source of information but I also received their entire product line. Since I have so many products, I want to share them with you ladies. One Curlista will win the ENTIRE Curls Unleashed line. Follow this link and the directions. They’re SUPER easy. Good luck! (More giveaways soon so make sure we’re friends on ALL social networks here >> “Find Me”.) Contest ends October 14th.


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    I think I recall learning that about blondes in cosmetology school. Not a fact you necessarily use every day but good to know. Anu’s asst. Taeisha was telling me the same about mixing product lines & it makes a lot of sense.

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    I keep hearing this shampoo vs cowash debate lately. Personally I shampoo once a week, and i cowash every 2 days (so thats like 2-3 times a week), it seems to work for me, but Id really like to know whats best in the long run.


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