Healthy Eats: Top 3 Green Smoothie Ingredients – Extras!

Green Smoothie Ingredients

A few weeks ago I shared some tips on how to make a *bomb* green smoothie. There are lots of easy, basic green smoothie ingredients and recipes but once you’re comfortable with your blender and fruit/liquid/greens ratio I think it’s fun to start experimenting with some other types of ingredients. Today I’m sharing my top 3 green smoothie ingredients/add-ons/extras and why I love them.

Steel Cut OatsOatmeal | I love oatmeal in my green smoothies. I add either 1/4 or 1/2 cup depending on how much I’m making. Oatmeal allows you to stay full longer because it’s full of fiber. Oatmeal also helps lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk for high blood pressure. (Remember those Quaker Oats commercials from back in the day??? Lol.) If you’re drinking your green smoothie as a meal replacement, like I do, oatmeal is a great green smoothie ingredient because you won’t feel too hungry before your next snack or meal. It can also help in losing and/or maintaining your weight. ;-) I prefer steel cut oats and I buy them at any health food store or larger food market.

Wheat GrassWheat Grass | On the rare occasion that I don’t have any greens at home, I love to add wheat grass powder as one of my green smoothie ingredients. This is nice because it stays in the fridge and it remains fresh for much longer than any kale, spinach or celery I’ve ever had. It’s my Emergency Greens. It’s a great source of vitamins and minerals which is awesome if like me you often forget to take your daily vitamins and supplements. Whenever I add it to my green smoothies I honestly don’t even drink coffee that morning. It gives me a natural boost and burst of energy that’s nice. It’s also gluten-free and vegan for those of us living a completely animal-free life. I bought my Wheat Grass powder at GNC but it’s also sold on

Chia SeedsChia Seeds | Chia Seeds are POWERFUL. They are these tiny little beads that pack a major unexpected punch. In one tablespoon you get six grams of fiber, three grams of protein and 2.9 grams of Omega-3 fatty acids. They can taste a little slimy once they’ve sat inside of liquid and absorbed some of the moisture which is the only thing I could do without. However, since the health benefits far outweigh the sliminess I add them to my smoothies anyway. People add them to tons of recipes like puddings and baked goods as a way to throw some extra nutrients in the mix. I personally like them added to my smoothie AFTER I’ve blended. If you add them before blending (and I’ve done this before) they can get stuck in the blade and in the attachments and it becomes a hassle. Just sprinkle a spoonful on top and stir them in after blending and you’ll love it. You’ll barely taste them. I buy my Chia Seeds at Trader Joe’s in a tiny, purple. re-sealable bag.

Do you love Green Smoothies? What’s your favorite add-on? Not into Green Smoothies? Well, what healthy snack do you love? Please share below.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, nurse or healthcare professional. I am only sharing what has and continues to work for me.

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