Heatless Curls on Straight Natural Hair


Last month I got my hair straightened with the Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability System at the LW Salon in NYC. I absolutely loved the results and was so impressed that my hair stayed straight for two full weeks. However, I must admit by the middle of week two I was a little bored – I’m used to having so much versatility and life with my curly hair.

I wanted to add a little curl/texture to my straight tresses but I didn’t want to apply more heat so I had to create heatless curls. I decided to finally experiment with my flexi rods (I’ve had them for years) and I wanted to share my experience and some tips.

Step 1: Decide how loose or tight you want your curls and start with your first row at the bottom/back. I wanted my curls loose so I only used 12 flexi rods and curled larger sections while making sure the actual curls were relatively tight and secure.

Step 2: Section another row and make sure all of the flexi rods are facing the same direction as the first row. I set mine vertically so that they looked like spiral curls when I took them down.

Step 3: Decide if you want a part in the front. My hair was already parted when it was styled so I left it and worked around it.

Step 4: Finish the last section and secure any rods that may be loose or come undone (especially if you’re sleeping with them like I did).

I added a satin bonnet and slept peacefully. I’ve slept with flexi rods when I was relaxed so it wasn’t much different for me. In the morning I took down my flexi rods, shook my hair out a little and I was ready to go. I loved the finished product.

Next time: I didn’t use any holding spray after my hair was curled and by lunchtime most of the curls had dropped. Next time I might spray a little flexible hold hairspray on my hair to preserve the curl throughout the day. Other than that, I was quite pleased.

FlexiRods-curlsandmo2Do you use flexi rods for heatless curls? What size is your favorite? Do you use them on wet or dry hair? I want to try them on my curly, wet hair next!


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  1. Sally says

    I can’t seem to find pics of people when they went back to wearing their curly NATURAL hair after they went straight using beautiful textures. Did all your curls come back??? I am afraid to try.


  1. […] As the days went on, I got a little bored with my super straight hair so I experimented with flexi rods and found that it was really easy to achieve nice curls/beach waves without using heat on my hair. I used the orange flexi rods, took large sections of hair and wrapped it around the flexi rods from root to tip. I love the look I got when I used flexi rods on my straight hair. I would definitely use a little holding spray next time though so that my curls last throughout the day. Check out my tutorial here. […]

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