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Sugar Paper Blog PlannerPlanners are my favorite new accessory for getting and staying organized! Last year I really wanted to improve the content, design and consistency of my blog so I bought the Blog Action Planner. It was one of the best investments I’ve made in my blog. This year Laura sent the 2015 Blog Action Planner to use and review​ (read more about it here)!​ I absolutely love the 2015 Blog Action Planner and I’m so grateful to her. ​Unfortunately, ​I had already purchased ​a planner from ​Sugar Paper LA’s exclusive line at Target ​before I received the BAP. I’ve decided I’m going to ​use both so I can stay as organized as possible​.

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While I absolutely love blogging and vlogging it is a lot of work. I ​found that the editorial calendar in the Blog Action Planner last year really increase​d​ my productivity along with all of the tips and tricks. ​The Blog Action Planner is amazing because it ha​s​ lots of different features and resources you won’t find in a regular ​planner.

​I’ve been blogging since May 2012 so I know a good blog planner when I see one. ​Below are my 4 tips on how to pick the right planner for your blog​.​

Space​ || A good blog planner has lots of space to write down​ and develop blog post and YouTube video ​ideas. ​There should be a separate space for each day. It’s also a plus if there’s​ ​enough space to jot down a short daily To Do ​List. ​Even ​though I don’t post daily, there is a lot of prep that goes into each blog post and video so ​I schedule my writing/recording, editing, graphics and publishing ​on those “blank” extra days​.

Sugar Paper Blog PlannerImportant Dates || A blog planner should ​have all ​holidays​ pre-printed inside. This is ​great because it can help you plan ahead. For example, if you want to post a Valentine’s Day tutorial knowing when ​Valentine’s Day is helps you plan more effectively. And, actually seeing specific dates on your calendar can also remind you to be aware of a specific date or holiday approaching.

​Months​ || The monthly spread is very important because this is your editorial calendar. It’s an overview of what you’re posting for the entire month. Here you can keep track of when you’re writing, scheduling, editing and most important posting. You can also keep track of social media, if necessary.

​​Simplicity​ || It’s good to have a clean, minimal layout because you can get distracted or overwhelmed by too many colors and fonts. A minimalist approach is very important because it helps you stay focused on scheduling and developing your content.

I’m excited about my 2015 blog planners. I will definitely be sharing more about them both soon. Be sure to check out the The Blog Action Planner here. It’s now available in A5 size. Last week I opened my etsy shop! Check it out for some really cute planners and let me know below what you’re using to keep your blog organized for 2015.

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