LIVE RICHER Challenge with The Budgenista

Live Rich Challenge for Women with The Budgetnista

I recently signed up for the LIVE RICHER Challenge with The Budgetnista and I’m so excited to share it with you ladies. It’s a FREE money challenge designed to educate and empower 10,000 women and help us achieve 7 specific financial goals in 36 days.

The LIVE RICHER Challenge (LRC) kicks off January 2015 but Tiffany has already started! Leading up to the Challenge she’s sending out monthly tips and resources to get us ready and focused. The New Year is the best time to implement an amazing new Challenge into your life because we’re the most motivated. It also gives us time to spread the word to other ladies.

For 5 weeks Tiffany will send out daily tasks via email, social media and her blog. Here is the schedule:

Week 1 – a new money mindset

Week 2 – a budget & savings plan

Week 3 – a specific credit strategy that can raise your score up to 100 points in 1 year

Week 4 – a debt management plan

Week 5 – a beginning investment & insurance plan

I’ve heard Tiffany speak quite a few times. I always learn something and leave feeling like I can take on the world.

If you want to gain financial empowerment, stability and get closer to financial freedom then you MUST sign up for the LIVE RICHER Challenge.

Tiffany has been featured on TONS of well-known media outlets and gets paid for the knowledge she is sharing with us. You will be doing yourself a disservice if you DON’T sign up and actively participate. Click here to sign up and here is where you can find out more.

Ladies, sign up then get every woman you know on board. Share this challenge with them now! Forward the link, text it, tweet it, facebook it. WHATEVER! Lol. Just please help spread the word. #LiveRicher

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