NYC Curls Gel on 4C Hair ​

NYC Curls Product Line

Gel can be hit or miss with my thick, coarse hair so when I saw that the line of NYC Curls products I was recently sent to try included a gel I was hesitant. The NYC Curls line consists of a shampoo – The Curl Cleanser, conditioner – The Curl Conditioner and gel – The Curl Gel.

After using the NYC Curls gel a few times a few different ways I absolutely love it! If you’re familiar with this brand, you know the gel is used primarily for wash and gos. I don’t wash and go so I decided to get creative.

The first way I used the gel was on my twist outs. While I really did like the results (the definition was gorgeous), I couldn’t figure out how to achieve multiple days of wear without re-twisting. Yes, I’m lazy. Next I decided to try a twist out updo. I kept the twists in my hair for over a week and the hold was phenomenal but my hair was still soft. I didn’t experience and breakage when I took them down and my hair was flexible. I fell in love with my hair even more after I pinned up the hair! My hair was huge and the definition was gorgeous. But, it still had movement and flexibility. Below are the results of my twist out updo after using The Curl Gel. In this picture I was on my way to the ESSENCE #DoYou event in NYC and I got SO MANY compliments that night. The definition was perfection.

NYC Curls Twistout Updo

After a few more twist out attempts, I finally decided to use it for a flat twist updo and I loved that, too! After washing and conditioning my hair with The Curl Cleanser and The Curl Conditioner I blow dried on the cool setting using the tension method so that it was stretched.

NYC Curls Blow Dried Hair

I sectioned my hair to make twisting easier. (Check out this video to see how I flat twist.) I used a pea-sized amount on each piece before twisting since a little goes a long way. I layered the gel on top of a cream for some extra moisture. In the front I two-strand twisted my hair and pinned it up and the back and sides were flat twisted then pinned up the center.

NYC Curls Twistout Updo

While I absolutely adore the versatility of The Curl Gel, I can’t forget about The Curl Cleanser. It got my scalp really clean, removed residue that was on my hair from old product but didn’t dry out my hair. It was nice and creamy so even though my hair was clean, it never felt stripped. The Curl Conditioner is also creamy and has really nice slip. Below is a picture of my hair with The Curl Conditioner in it.

NYC Curls Products

I really enjoyed these products and I loved experimenting with them. I love that I have finally found my staple gel. Have you tried NYC Curls? What is your favorite product? If you haven’t tried it yet, you can pick it up here.


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