Recap #OyinTargetToast || Oyin Handmade Sold at Target!

Oyin2Last night I attended a swanky soiree celebrating the Oyin Handmade launch at Target stores this spring. Oyin Handmade is an all-natural product line founded by Jamyla Bennu in 2001 (pictured above). This delicious hair and body line (one of their most-used ingredients is honey) will now be available in Target stores and that’s definitely something to buzz about!


Target (and mainstream beauty powerhouses) have really been embracing the natural hair community lately carrying products tailored to us, including us more in print ads/runway and media in general. It’s such a beautiful time not only for natural hair but black culture and beauty as a whole. We’re really making an impact in the marketplace and society!

I’m excited about this news because I personally love the Oyin Handmade Poo Bar and had been dying to try the boing, juices + berries and hair dew that has been sitting in my cupboard for the past month or two. Now that I have some more Oyin goodies (below) I’m even more excited! I love that Oyin is an ingredient-conscious company and I’ve heard so many amazing things about Oyin products!


Thank you, Oyin, for having me and congratulations! Cheers to continued success!



Have you tried Oyin Handmade? What’s your favorite product? Please share below!

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