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Dark and Lovely Moisture L.O.C

Over the holiday season Dark and Lovely released their newest Au Naturale product line, the Moisture L.O.C. collection. I always follow the L.O.C. Method when I wash and style my hair. After viewing my L.O.C. Method video, Dark and Lovely was gracious enough to send me the entire line and I’m excited to share it with you dolls today. To learn exactly what the L.O.C. Method is watch my L.O.C. Method video here.  Dark and Lovely mentioned in their card that they watched it – I love when companies actually *listen* to what we need and want. :-)

The Moisture L.O.C. collection is infused with coconut and Moringa oils. What makes this product line unique is that it’s a layering haircare regimen designed to lock in the moisture that our curls desperately need. I’ve tried each product in the Moisture L.O.C. collection at least twice so I have a pretty good grasp on all of them. The L.O.C. Method is wonderful because it allows me to keep my hair moisturized throughout the week while it’s in two strand twists. Moisture retention has been the main reason I’ve been able to maintain my length since going natural in 2009.

This review is going to be a little different than usual, I’m going to share each product description and my thoughts on ALL 5 products. I usually list each product in a line but only focus on one star product in my reviews. I’ve listed them below in the order I used them and I’ve included pictures of ones of the styles I achieved using Moisture L.O.C. collection.

Dark and Lovely Moisture L.O.C

Sulfate-Free Shampoil $9.99 13.5 oz | Product Description: Too many shampoo days leaving your mane looking dry and stiff? Get the best of both worlds. Meet our Sulfate-Free Cleansing Shampoil, where caring hydration couples with gentle cleansing.

My Thoughts: This shampoo cleanses without stripping the hair. The coconut and Moringa oil help keep the hair moisturized while you cleansing and started the wash day process off great.

Deep Conditioning Delight, $9.99 14.4oz | Product Description: Take your curls for a deep dive in a decadent sea of moisture. Created to strengthen and rejuvenate dry, thirsty coils back to life, our Deep Conditioning Delight instantly indulges your hair’s craving for intense moisture and softness.

My Thoughts: This deep conditioner is nice and thick and creamy. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to deep condition when I used this conditioner. So I left it in my hair while I showered and rinsed it out in the sink once I was done. I liked it but it wasn’t the best conditioner I’ve tried. I’m assuming I didn’t get the full benefits because I didn’t use it as a deep treatment. I didn’t notice that it was any better than any other conditioner I’ve tried; it was just okay.

Super Quench-Leave In Spray $9.99 8.5 oz. | Product Description: Lead the way and take your first step to sealing in continuous moisture with our Super Quench Leave-In Spray. Inspired by the “L” in the notable LOC method, this 1st layer prepares your hair to absorb supreme moisture from our Soak It Up Oil Cocktail.

My Thoughts: I ran out of my favorite holy grail leave-in just about the same time I got this leave-in. I’ve been using it ever since. It’s a bit more oily and heavier than my usual leave-in which has been great for this NYC winter weather. I absolutely love the packaging because it has a convenient spray nozzle with a lock so that you won’t have any accidents or spills when you’re not using the product.

Lock-It-In Sealing Cream $9.99 8.5 oz | Product Description: Finally, dry curls are a thing of the past with the final step in our Moisture L.O.C regimen. Lock It In Sealing Cream is inspired by the “C” in the notable LOC method. This 3rd layer instantly seals in the Super Quench Leave-In Spray and Soak It Up Oil C.

My Thoughts: I used this cream to two strand twist my hair. It doesn’t have any hold but it’s very moisturizing which is perfect for winter. It’s not supposed to have hold but I know that’s important to some people so I thought I’d mention it.

Soak It Up Oil Cocktail $9.99 14.1 oz | Product Description: Curls are second to none when you take a stand against dryness. Inspired by the “O”, in the notable LOC method, our Soak It Up Oil Cocktail blends rich hydrating oils to penetrate each stand for instant moisture and shine, without a greasy build up.

My Thoughts: I LOVE THIS OIL! I have been using it ever since I got it. It’s not too heavy but it keeps my hair looking healthy and shiny and keeps the moisture locked in. I use it to seal in the moisture and to take down my twists every wash day.

My Experience: I didn’t use the products in the recommended order. Some naturals swap the oil and cream steps in the L.O.C. Method. However, even though I used them in a different order I found that they worked really well for me and together.

Pros: The products do exactly what they claim.

Cons: Unfortunately, these products are not all natural. I know this is more important to some naturals than others but I wanted to mention it. These products also aren’t at all major retailers just yet.

Final Thoughts: I really like the entire line but there are some products that really stand out to me. I love the oil and have been using it since I got it, I’m sure I’ll be repurchasing it when I finish it. I also love the leave-in, it’s a great leave-in for winter.

Everyone at my girl, April’s, housewarming loved this style (below). Relaxed and natural girls asked what products I used because my hair was so “shiny and fluffy”. ;-)

Dark and Lovely Moisture L.O.C.

Have you ladies tried the new Moisture L.O.C. collection from Dark and Lovely? Have you tried any other Dark and Lovely products? Which ones are your favorite?

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