Review: Mixed Chicks Kids Haircare Quad Pack


Today I’m sharing my cutest review ever! Gabby’s mom (and my blogger friend), Virginia, is a mommy blogger at She was nice enough to share her thoughts on Mixed Chicks Kids Haircare Quad Pack for my readers with little ones.

Product Name: Mixed Chicks Kids Haircare Quad Pack

Price: $48.00

Availability: and other retailers such as Amazon.

Product Description: Biracial kids, curly haired kids, kids with wild unruly kinky locks? Of course we use common sense precautions and avoid getting product into the little ones’ eyes, but if you work MIXED CHICKS in to hair (not scalp), MIXED CHICKS gets rid of frizzy hair and defines curls.

Ingredients: I couldn’t find the list on their website but the products are Sulfate-Free and Tear-Free.

Scent: Very light & sweet. Not too overbearing.

Shampoo – Light & sudsy.
Conditioner – Creamy with some slip to it.
Leave-In – Feels like a lotion.
Tangle Tamer – Spray. Can feel sticky if too much is used.


My Experience: I love how the Shampoo lathered up. I felt like it cleansed Gabby’s hair very well! The Conditioner was very moisturizing and provided enough slip to get some tangles out of her hair. The Leave-In conditioner defined her curls nicely. The Tangle Tamer I was not impressed with at all.

Pros: The Shampoo is fabulous at cleansing the hair. The Conditioner is very moisturizing and helps get the tangles out. The leave-in conditioner is great for defining curls and adding some more moisture.

Cons: The Tangle Tamer spray could get sticky and I felt like it dried out my daughter’s hair.

MixedChicks3Final Thoughts: Overall, I was pretty happy with all the products with the exception of the Tangle Tamer. It did nothing for my daughter’s hair at all. I would purchase everything else again. My favorite product was definitely the Leave-In conditioner. I love how it defines the curls and moisturizes as well!

Be sure to check out more on Gabby’s fashion and curls on Have you tried Mixed Chicks products? What did you think? Isn’t Gabby adorable? Her curls are poppin!

Disclaimer: These products were sent for review but all opinions are Virginia’s.


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