Review: Sally Hansen Salon Insta Gel Strips


The last time I was in ULTA I found these Sally Hansen Salon Insta Gel Strips in the Clearance section for $1.49 which is a steal! Sally Hansen Salon Insta Gel Strips are supposed to help you achieve a salon quality gel manicure in two easy steps at home. They’re great if you’re in a hurry, don’t want to pay salon prices for a professional gel manicure or want the no-chip effortlessness of gel but don’t want to use the harsh chemicals at the salon. At that price I decided I had to give them a try.

Product Name: Sally Hansen Salon Insta Gel Strips

Price: $14.99

Availability: In drug stores and online.

Product Description: 2 step gel manicure, fast & easy, up to 2 weeks of mirror shine, chip resistant color, no dry time, will not damage nails, strips fit all nails. Each shade pattern kit contains: 16 gel polish strips, 1 gel top coat, 2 nail cleanser pads, cuticle stick, file/buffer and instruction sheet.

Ingredients:  Not available.

Scent: Nail polish strips smell like conventional nail polish. The gel does not have a scent. After applying the gel and then curing each nail, the nail polish scent goes away.

Consistency: Nail polish strips are like stickers. Gel is a liquid.


My Experience:   This week I’m on vacation and I don’t want to worry about doing my nails or chips so I thought I would give these strips a try. Always the Frugalista I didn’t buy the Starter Kit with the LED Lamp I only bought the strips in Ruby Doo since I had a LED Lamp at home already. (Remember this review? Thanks, I’ve used regular Sally Hansen nail polish strips before so I knew the first step was to select the 10 strips that matched the closest to my actual nail sizes. You want to make sure that the most surface will be covered without sticking it on your cuticles. Make sure that you lay them out how they will be applied – smallest to largest for the left hand and vice versa for the right hand.

Next I wiped all ten nails with one of the cleansing pads provided then I applied each strip to the correct nail making sure I cut off most of the excess strip then filing the remainder away so that the strip was perfectly on each nail. After all ten strips are applied “cure” each nail one by one by applying the gel one by one and then setting it with the lamp. The instructions said to cure each nail for 30 seconds. However, I cured each for 60 seconds. After all nails are gelled, wipe them clean with the other cleansing pad.

I did this right before work and it was SUPER easy and quick – it took about a half hour total for both hands. At first one of my thumbs was a little dull so I was skeptical. As the day went on, all ten nails were shiny, bright and glossy. I was very impressed. I was even more impressed that the next day they looked even better!


Today is Day 5 and my Sally Hansen Salon Insta Gel Strips still look awesome! I even WASHED and TWISTED my hair and have very minimal signs of chipping. I did expect them to look worse than they do by now honestly because the instructions said to buff each nail before beginning to eliminate any shiny. I skipped this steps because my goal is to keep my natural nails as healthy as possibly. I don’t want to sacrifice the integrity of my nails so I thought skipping this might not give me the greatest results. I was wrong. These surpassed my expectations.

Pros: I love these strips SO MUCH that I purchased the Sally Hansen Salon Insta Gel Strips Starter Kit with Red My Lips strips when I saw it on sale for 50% off at Walgreens that same night. I can use it when I travel but don’t have time to do my nails before I leave. Also, you can find SO many colors on sale for at least half off at ULTA and Target.

Cons:  None.

Final Thoughts:  For my first time, my results are AWESOME. I can’t wait to buy more colors. Amazing product!

Have y’all tried these? Have you tried any gel manicures? If not, what do you do to keep your manicure chip-free? Please share below!


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