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HairPillow-curlsandmo7Last Friday I attended a wedding and it was SO much fun. I danced up a storm (bachata, salsa…all that! lol.) and had the best time. One thing I really loved was my hair! It started out a little rocky that morning but by wedding time it looked really good. When I got home I wasn’t sure how I was going to preserve it and then I remembered my Hair Pillow!


I loosely put on my bonnet and slept with my Hair Pillow. I was really comfortable. I usually have to put my bonnet on tight so it doesn’t slip off but with the Hair Pillow I didn’t have to worry about it. And, even through all of the tossing and turning my curls survived which never happens. When I wake up I always have “Bonnet Head” a/k/a smushed curls but because I slept with the Hair Pillow my head never touched the bed.

Product Name: The Hair Pillow

HairPillow-curlsandmo1Price: $65.00

Availability: Online at

Product Description: Inspired by the traditional headrests used by Japanese Geisha, the Hair Pillow helps to preserve the hairstyles of women while at the same time offers the user a comfortable night’s sleep.  The Hair Pillow can be used by women with all hair types and hair lengths, and can be used with or without other hair style preserving tools.

The Hair Pillow offers the right blend of firmness and comfort to help suspend the head and neck, preventing the hair from being compressed. In addition, strategically placed curves incorporated in the Hair Pillow create areas that allow the hair to be moved away from the head, preventing the head from compressing the hair no matter what your position of sleep. Each Hair Pillow comes in its own beauty bag, made for easy carrying when on the go!

Scent: Not applicable

My Experience: I used this last Friday night to preserve my curls. I usually don’t worry about my curls and throw on a bonnet but Farrah looked SO good and I worked SO hard on my twist out I had to keep these curls poppin’.

HairPillow-curlsandmo4Pros: This pillow is comfortable, lightweight and durable. You can also purchase in firm or medium which I like because people have different preferences when it comes to their pillow. I love that it comes with the travel beauty bag that has handles. This is a nice touch for travel. Your pillow won’t get dirty and it’s convenient for transport. I also love that the Hair Pillow is part of “The LifeStyle Concept” which includes two other pillows to fit your lifestyle and needs ultimately making you more comfortable. We all love to be comfortable!

Cons: You have to purchase pillow cases separately. A bundle option would be nice. However, the outside shell can be removed and is machine washable so you don’t NEED a pillow case. (Since the pillow cases are satin they will protect your hair so they’re a great investment).

Final Thoughts: If you’re uncomfortable during sleep and often wake up with flat hair you definitely need a Hair Pillow. I would especially recommend the Hair Pillow if you need to preserve your style overnight for a special occasion the next day like a wedding, prom or school pictures. It ‘s also great for travel if you want to preserve your style during vacation; I hate fussing with my hair when I’m away from home. And, it’s compact enough that it won’t take up much space in your luggage.

Have you ever slept with a hair pillow? Do you struggle preserving your style when you sleep? Head over to  for your own Hair Pillow and be sure to follow Hair Pillow on Social Media: facebook, pinterest and twitter!

*This post is sponsored by Lifestyle Pillows but all opinions are my own.


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