Review: Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability System

IMG_20140209_162911The Texture Manageability System from Beautiful Textures is AMAZING!  I’m sure by now you’ve seen my straight hair pictures on Instagram and Facebook. I was invited by Beautiful Textures to have it done professionally at the LW Salon here in NYC. Pam, my stylist, used the 4-Step process on my hair and it was astonishing to see my hair from start to finish.

The new Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability System is a miracle in two little bottles. The 4-Steps are:

1) Shampoo the hair with the shampoo provided. They used two bottles on me I think…my hair was pretty dirty. Whoops. Lol.

2) Apply the Leave-In Conditioner. Only half of the bottle was used on my entire head.

3) Blow dry the hair.

4) Flat iron the hair. Pam said to make sure you adjust your flat iron temperature, she only used 380° on my hair and she STILL got in that kitchen! Lol.

My hair was done in less than two hours from start to finish. That NEVER happens. The System made my hair more manageable, shiny and soft. It felt really good and had body, movement and life I hadn’t seen in quite some time. My hair stayed straight for two FULL weeks without reversion. There were some days that it snowed lightly – in fact it started raining on my way home from the salon – I simply covered my head with my hood. No problems. After a few days I did start to see a tiny bit of reversion around my hairline from washing my face but that’s to be expected.


I saw this System used SO many different ways during my time at the LW Salon and all of the ladies had beautiful results. One woman had a full weave – Pam told me “You can use it to rejuvenate the weave and make it look like new” (which it did), one woman had a much looser curl pattern than me, one wore wigs primarily, etc. After Pam straightened my hair she clipped my ends. She recommends cutting your hair straight because when you cut your hair curly, it doesn’t allow you to clip all of the uneven ends.

BT13Overall I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this system. I had no heat damage and it was so easy to maintain. It can be purchased at Walgreens for $7.49.

For the ENTIRE 4-1-1 watch my video here.

I took TONS of pictures. Check out my hair before, during and AFTER the System here.

Check out the results from myself and the other ladies that day on!!! (Momma, I made it!) Click here.

Have you tried the Texture Manageability System yet? If so, what did you think? Will you now?


  1. says

    Wow, great outcome. I thought that price was a typo?!? You mentioned having to use two bottles of the shampoo. What were the sizes of the shampoo and the conditioner inside the kit?

    • curlsandmo says

      Thank you! Nope and some have been telling me they got it on sale for $4.49. The bottles are 1.25oz and 1.5oz.

  2. Daphne says

    Hey Hey Hey! I searched all over for this product and could not find it until I came across your FB post, and I picked it up a couple weeks ago for $5 at Walgeens. I decided to give it a try on my 4C hair to see if it would do the job. It is really simple and I like the fact that there are only two steps in the box. However, I was a little nervous that there was no heat protectant, but I had some on hand and used that. I did the process just this past weekend and today it snowed. So far no reversion. I did my daughter’s hair today and usually I sweat heavily in the humidity of washing her hair and all that goes with it. So far no noticeable reversion. So thumbs up for now.

    • curlsandmo says

      There is a direct link to all of the pictures in the post. Or you can visit my facebook page and check out my “Straight Hair Don’t Care” photo album. Thanks for reading!

  3. Kami Coleman says

    Hi, I used the system and wondered did you feel a burning sensation with the leave in? I loved my results but it felt like it was burning.

    • curlsandmo says

      I didn’t. I would suggest, if you use it again, that you avoid getting it directly on your scalp and making sure you do not exceed the amount of time on the instructions. I’m glad you liked your results. :-)

    • curlsandmo says

      Hey, doll! It was good seeing you Saturday! The stylist was really careful with the styling tool temperatures and the leave-in helped protect against heat damage.

  4. Shameka says

    I workout a lot and sweat most of my straight hairstyles out. Did you workout any whole having this product in your hair? If so how did your hair react? My hair gets really good and straight from Dominican blow outs. Are those not recommended ? Please advise thanks

    • curlsandmo says

      Hi, Shameka. I did not work out while my hair was straight. Blow outs at any salon that does not use heat protectant or adjust their heating tools to accommodate your particular hair texture is not not good.

    • Jessica says

      Purchase it and take it to your usual salon, they should be willing to do it for you. I did it on myself and it was so hard. Next time I will take it to a salon for better results.

  5. Divine says

    I just tried this product last week.I applied it to my hair and followed all instructions accordingly.The first day it turned out fabulous!…I went to my daughter’s basketball game the next day, after sweating a bit from the humidity my hair started to reverse back to its natural texture. The following morning my hair was almost completely reversed back.So I must say that it didn’t work for my hair.I also felt the tingling sensation that someone else mentioned.:-(

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