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UrthBox Review

Am I the only one who gets sucked in by the Groupon “Deals” emails (but still won’t unsubscribe (ha!)? Well, this time I got something I’m REALLY excited about, UrthBox. It’s a monthly box of healthy, full-size, yummy snacks delivered to your door! I don’t know about you but I LOVE to snack. Especially since I’ve been eating cleaner – I’ve challenged myself to cut ALL meat and seafood for July.

There are four boxes to choose from: gluten-free, diet, classic or vegan. There are also three different sizes: small, medium or large. I selected the classic medium box and i am in LOVE. The traditional three meals a day doesn’t work for me. I’m a very heavy snacker so I love that this subscription allows me to do that without feeling guilty.

I normally eat three small meals and tons of snacks throughout the day. It is a great way to increase (or maintain fast) metabolism because your digestive track is working every couple of hours. It’s also another way to help shrink your waistline, reduce the appearance of bloating and avoid overeating. I normally choose healthy snacks like bars or dry nuts but I was so bored. Urthbox (for the FIRST time) makes me feel good about my snacking and it’s fun.

Take a look in my June Box:

UrthBox June

-Eat Your Vegetables (Flavor: Sea Salt) | Really good. They taste like lightly seasoned tortilla chips.

-Home Free Mini Vanilla Cookies. Nut Free, Whole Grain, Gluten Free | Really good. These definitely satisfied my sweet craving. They’re crunchy but not too hard (like ginger snaps – ouch). I also like the flavor because they don’t taste artificial like some sweet snacks can.

-Pasta Chips (Flavor: Garlic Olive Oil) | These are SOOOO good. They taste like Ritz Chips but they have more flavor and don’t leave the powdery residue that Ritz Chips do on your hands.

-Saffron Road Crunchy Chick Peas (Flavor: Bombay Spice) | I don’t like these. They were too hard and after eating a few I would get so thirsty. I’m probably going to give them to a friend.

-Seaweed Love, Original All Natural Roasted Seaweed. Gluten Free, Non-GMO | I was so ready not to like these because I had tried (and disliked) seaweed before but this one is soooo good. WHY? As soon as I opened it, it was gone. I need more.

-Katapult Fuel Your Fire, Wild Fire (Flavor: Chia Cayenne Lime) | These are unlike anything I’ve ever tasted but I really like them. They’re crunchy and the cayenne flavor gave them a kick.

-Missy J’s 3 Truffly Treats Coconut, Almond, Sea Salt | I don’t like these. I think the salt mixed with the sweet was what turned me off.

-Natural Sins Crispy Coconut Thins. 100% Natural Baked-Dried Fruit

-Superfood Protein Smoothie (Flavor: Milk Chocolate)

-Peeled Snacks Apple Clusters (Flavor: Berry Crunch)

-SunRype 100% Fruit Strip (Flavor: Strawberry Watermelon)

-Smooch, Apple Raspberry & Peach Fruit Snack

-Nature’s Bakery Stone Ground Whole Wheat Raspberry Fig Bar (100% Natural)

-Roots: A delicious blend of powdered vegetables and fruits

‚ÄčThere were a few things I didn’t care for but I love this subscription because it allows you to try so many different things and try things I never would have otherwise. I also like that there are so many things included. I got the confirmation for my July box this week and I am so excited. I’m also excited to finish up the other products from this box.

Have you ever tried UrthBox? I have a code – I’m not sure if it’s only good for one use but, I guess we’ll see! The $10 off code is 7K6H2GL and it expires 7/31/14. If you sign up, let me know!


    • curlsandmo says

      Oh nice! I’ve tried Klutch Box, too. But, I like the UrthBox a lot. I’ll have to check out Nature Box. Thank you!

  1. Lisa says

    Is this the vegan box? How much is that box?

    I love roasted chick peas. They are probably the best snack in the box as well as they are low in fat, low in sugar, high in fibre and has a range of vitamins and minerals :)

  2. noelle says

    Don’t forget to cancel if you bought a Groupon or they will charge a second month without you knowing. They do have great customer service but they are slimy and sneaky like all other monthly services you can purchase online. Buyer beware!!

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