2015 Blog Action Planner and Giveaway

Blog Action Planner The Native New Yawker

Earlier this year I purchased the 2014 Blog Action Planner and it was one of the best investments I have made in my blog. It was written and designed by my blogger boo, Laura, of the nativenewyawker.com. The Blog Action Planner kept me organized and motivated throughout the entire year. When I read … [Read more...]

BLOG CHALLENGE || Week 12: Find a Blog Buddy

BLM Blog Challenge

​Who doesn't like friends and positive people around? This week we're discussing the importance of having a blogger friend, someone who can help you with other blogger-related things that your family and friends probably don't understand unless they're a blogger, too. (Y'all KNOW what I'm talking … [Read more...]

BLOG CHALLENGE || Week 11: Comment

BLM Blog Challenge

I can't believe our BLM Blog Challenge is almost over! I've really enjoyed sharing tips and tricks with you all. This week we're commenting! We all love when people leave comments on our blog. Well, one way to build your blogger community is to comment on other blogs. The bloggers will love it and … [Read more...]

Blog Challenge || Week 7: ​Reuse an Old Post

Blog Challenge Week 7

​Whether this is your first week of the BLM Blog Challenge or you've been on your BLM Blog Challenge Grind since week 1, welcome! You ladies have been so amazing during this Challenge and I'm really glad we're doing it. This week we're learning how to reuse and recycle old content and give it a … [Read more...]